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Shana Lorraine ANGLIN
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2014 years ago

Jessica Mary BARNHILL
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2014 years ago

Shirley Ann BISHOP
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Bruce Edward BUTTREY
birth: 17 Apr

April Jean COFFEE
birth: 17 Apr

Ann Catherine COX
birth: 17 Apr

Billie Ann EPPS
birth: 17 Apr

William Woodrow FORREST
birth: 17 Apr

birth: 17 Apr

James Doyle HARRIS
birth: 17 Apr


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Sgt. Jeffrey Adams Awarded The Purple Heart

jeffWe're so proud of our cousin Sgt. Jeffrey Adams. He recently was awarded the Purple Heart Medal at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington after he was injured in a road-side attack in Afghanistan when the unit he was hit by a improvised explosive device. Jeff and four others were injured. "My main goal now is to get back to a normal life which is possible, I know," Jeff told the military online news. The complete article is available at

Photo by Sharon Rennie Taylor
Brig. General Richard C. Longo awarded the Purple Heart Medal to Sgt. Jeffrey Adams Feb. 26 during a ceremony in Heaton Pavilion’s Joel Auditorium at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC).